Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Painting: "Raw Vegetables Still Life" DSDF Challenge

Since moving to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I have been looking to "warm up" a new painting routine for the summer, now that I am finally settled in. The Different Strokes From Different Folks Challenge seemed to be the perfect thing to start with, even though it is a departure from my landscapes. Here is my painting:

My Painting, "Raw Vegetables Still Life"

It is an oil painting done on 5 x 7" canvas board. I have never done the DSDF challenge before, though I have been lurking on the blog for a couple of months. It is a challenge for artists everywhere via blog, started by artist Karin Jurick. How it works is she posts a reference image photograph every week or two, and all different artists interpret the photograph through their art in different ways, and then post photographs of their art. It is really interesting to see many different takes on one subject. Here is the reference image from this challenge:


  1. Hi, Christine! Your version of the challenge is beautiful. I know what you mean about painting from photos that aren't your own. It's tough! I love the intense blue ground on this. Really sets off the lovely veggies.
    Also--I clicked on the link that Karin has for you on the site, and it diverted me to an odd promotional website.?? Have you tried your link from her site?

  2. Liz, thanks for the great comment on my painting and for the heads up about the blog link! You are right, I hadn't tried it and the link is misspelled, probably my fault because my "p" key sticks! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks very much Lauren and Tabitha!