Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Painting: Dreamscape- View of the Newark Reservoir

I finished this painting last Friday, the emotive landscape/dreamscape painting of the Newark Reservoir in Newark, Delaware:

My brush took me somewhere special.  I just kept painting and painting wherever I felt was right at the time.  I sketch for general composition, but not for details, so I did not really plan where I was going.  I am really satisfied with how it turned out.  To me, it was about depicting the emotional response I have to the landscape in the paint.  The saturated colors and exaggerated lines reflect how I view the landscape.  Even though it is abstracted and exaggerated, to me it looks realistic of the landscape as I know it.  Again, it is in oil on 24 x 36" canvas.

This painting is now on exhibition at the Newark Arts Alliance in Newark, Delaware.  It is part of the open juried show, "Landscapes/Dreamscapes of the Delmarva Peninsula" and is on exhibition until May 30th.  Come stop by to see it!  It's a great exhibition full of beautiful landscapes.


  1. WOW! I love this! it definitely looks dreamlike!!!! VERY evocative of dreams for me! Looks like a dream I'd like to explore!

  2. Hi, Christine! Thanks for following my blog. It's allowed me to find you and your wonderful work. This is a beautiful painting. I love the simplified shapes and rich color. Reminiscent of both Munch and Arthur Dove. Congrats on being in the juried show!

  3. Wow. Love the final product!

  4. This painting turned out beautifully -- and looks great in your title header!