Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you, Tabitha, for making my day by awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!  So, I have to list 7 of my favorite things as part of it.  Here we go:

1. Browsing a bookstore and smelling books (old or new, both good smells!),

2. Getting up at 5 AM and watching the sun rise, especially on the beach, and feeling the sand between my toes,

3. The smell of wet leaves after a rain in autumn,

4. Hydrangeas, lupines, and lilacs,

5. Going to art museums and being alone to experience fantastic works of art by myself,

6. Closing my eyes and smelling the Long Island Sound in the air from miles away,

7. Sipping coffee and eating a scone or biscotti for breakfast.

These are only some of my many favorite things in life, they were just the first things I thought of, besides my loved ones, of course.  Now I will tag 7 bloggers who I think deserve this award.  These are some people who inspire me through their blogs, in no particular order:

Also a special mention to Tabitha, of course, who I would award if she hadn't already received it this week.  Thank you, again!