Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dreaming of Old Lyme

Everyone here in the DC area has Spring Fever! Like them, I'm waiting with great anticipation for the cherry blossoms to bloom, but I am also dreaming of the summer in Old Lyme, Connecticut. During a meeting I was doodling some of my favorite scenes that I have committed to memory:


  1. I could be wrong but that looks like the Griswold Pt area to me. During the warm weather last week, I stopped by Old Lyme Shores for a little while.

  2. Welcome back, Christine! Missed you and your spontaeous style, and I'm glad to see you're putting meeting time (and materials at hand) to good use.

  3. Yes, Matthew! You nailed it. It IS the view looking at Griswold Point. I hope to get back there soon.

    Thank you Matthew and Charlene, for welcoming me back and for not giving up on my blog, haha! It has been a while, and though I have been painting, I have been too busy to post. Now I hope to return to posting regularly. Thanks again!